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Festival Spotlight: Al Smith

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Tell us in a sentence why we should see your play.
The cast are fantastic; they’re challenging roles for both and Nick and Sarah absolutely boss it.

What inspired you to write this play?
I think there were two things in my head when I started writing this: I wanted to write a play about control in relationships, and I wanted to write about the way we look at ourselves and the performances we give to save us from seeing ourselves (and the performances we expect and wish we could see and force in and out of others). Oh I don’t know. Come and find me and we can talk about it.

What’s your favourite play of 2015 so far and why?
A View From the Bridge. By a mile. I know Luke was in it but I’m saying it anyway. I’ve read that play so many times but it seemed as fresh as if it were written yesterday. I’ve had the Faure Requiem on loop.

Which emerging writers currently excite you?
I read a great play by Gaia Sorcha Fenn called “Ruaumoko’s Footsteps” which I loved. I’d love someone to produce her work as she has a super, original voice. I’d love to see “A Momentary Man” by Brad Birch staged, and I’m first in line for whatever Barney Norris does next.

What are you looking forward to most about HighTide Festival 2015?
Seeing the other plays, obvs. And John Kearns’s show. I’ve heard he’s brilliant.

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