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Festival Spotlight: Luke Norris

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We got in touch with Luke Norris, writer of the 2013 Bruntwood Prize winning play So Here We Are which premieres at HighTide Festival 2015 in a production directed by Steven Atkinson to find out more about his play, and what he’s currently enjoying in theatre. So Here We Are, a co-production between HighTide Festival Theatre and the Royal Exchange Theatre, takes an compassionate look at young lives cut short and is a touching portrait of childhood friendships under strain in adult life.

Tell us in a sentence why we should see your play
I absolutely guarantee you’ll have a better time doing that than if you stayed in and watched something on TV instead.

What inspired you to write this play?
It’s a kind of love-letter to the people I grew up with.  And a ‘Dear John’ at the same time.

What’s your favourite play of 2015 so far and why?
Probably Violence and Son by Gary Owen at the Royal Court.  I left feeling like I’d been in a fight. 

Which emerging writers currently excite you?
I really hate the term ‘emerging’…  partly because I don’t really know what it means…  Some people seem to ‘emerge’ all at once and that’s it, and then other people spend their entire careers ‘emerging’…  Some people never ‘emerge’ at all…  Does it just depend on how many people have heard of you?  If so, I have no idea who’s at what stage of ‘emergence’… but some people I think are awesome include:

Alice Birch
Joel Horwood
Natalie Mitchell
D C Moore
Stacey Gregg

What are you looking forward to most about HighTide Festival 2015?
Seeing a whole bunch of brilliant plays from a whole bunch of brilliant writers.

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