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Our New Script Submissions Process: Sparks

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We want to get better at keeping writers in the loop with our reading process. We’re a small team and the volume of submissions we get through our open call-out make it hard for us to respond individually and quickly to writers. We realise that this can make the submissions process feel impenetrable at times, and we want to do something about it, so we’re trialling a new way to read plays: Sparks.

During the week members of our small but passionate HighTide team will spend a designated day reading any play submissions that come through to the literary email account that day. If the team read your play, they’ll send feedback the very same day! At the end of the day, if we still haven’t managed to get to your piece and you don’t hear from us, you can resubmit the next reading day.

We’re hoping this will allow us to respond directly to submissions, keep things live so you know if we’ve read your play or not rather than waiting, and for us to let you know immediately if we feel you’re right for us.

Our usual callout is for ten page extracts but for Sparks feel free to send in a full piece. You should email with the subject line ‘Sparks –  followed by the title of your piece’ from 8am onwards, ideally with a short blurb on what the play is about and an equal ops form.

Do keep an eye on our webpage or our Twitter account for the days we’ll be reading each week, or if you don’t have Twitter send us an email to to find out.

Please note: From w/c 5th March we’ll require you to send in a completed Equal Ops form along with your script, this can be downloaded here.

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