Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

Revised and approved 16 October 2019


Summary Statement

HighTide is a charity based in London and East Anglia. Our mission is to commission, develop and produce new writing in East Anglia and across the UK.

We discover new talent, provide creative development opportunities for playwrights and other creatives, and stage high quality theatre productions both in our region and nationally. We enable new and underrepresented playwrights to express their visions of contemporary politics and society, demonstrate their potential, and in doing so we showcase the future of theatre.

HighTide is committed to a celebration of equality in arts and culture in the United Kingdom, which we feel can only be fully realised if both the creative process and the product is equally accessible to anyone.

HighTide recognises the need for equality in the culture of the United Kingdom and celebrates our cultural diversity as a source of creativity, fresh perspectives and renewal; we ensure that diversity is an integral part of our artistic and company process.

HighTide wants to remove barriers to participation and engagement so that we can promote and produce new voices, find new ways of accessible storytelling and work with partners who can help us grow our ability to reach and encourage new people to the arts and share good practice.


Equal Opportunities

HighTide is an equal opportunity employer. We aim to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality, disability, ethnic or national origins, class, marital status, civil status, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment, age, trade union activity, political or religious belief. We will take positive action where required to actively encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, so that staff will better represent the demography of the communities served.

Applications from D/deaf or disabled persons are welcome. Selection process and accessibility of application materials are monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.


Workforce Diversity

HighTide is committed to providing equal opportunity in recruitment, promotion and training and development by ensuring that applicants for employment and candidates for transfer and promotion are considered on the basis of the relevant qualifications, skills, aptitudes and abilities they possess.

All employees and participants will be given access to and supported to take advantage of suitable opportunities for training and advancement.

The Executive Team are responsible for promoting diversity and inclusivity within the organisation. It is the responsibility of all members of the workforce to ensure that at all times the policy of inclusion and openness is upheld within the organisation.


Audiences and Engagement

HighTide is committed to an open, inclusive and democratic relationship with its audiences through all its engagement.

HighTide aspires to inspire and engage each community that we work in and develop and strengthen those links over time.

We will continue to programme work that challenges attitudes of our audience, seeking out work that presents different stories and narratives.


Creative Case 

HighTide wants to make a positive contribution towards the Creative Case for Diversity responding to issues around race, ethnicity, faith, disability, age, gender, sexuality, class and economic disadvantage and any social and institutional barriers that prevent people from participating in and enjoying the arts.

HighTide will continue to programme diverse artists and will continue to work with a range of partners based on the belief that promoting a diverse working environment produces a creative dynamic that fuels innovation

We are committed to at least a 50/50 gender balance in our commissions with the aspiration that 5% of overall commissions with come from non-binary/gender-queer writers by 2022.

We will foster relationships with practitioners who bring alternative methodologies and perspectives into the organisation.



HighTide works throughout the year with a variety of different organisations around the country who present and programme the work HighTide has developed, which allows the company to increase and diversify our audience base and provide provision for patrons with disabilities.

HighTide has a pricing policy of maintaining accessible prices with concessionary rates as appropriate.

HighTide is committed to presenting work in rural Suffolk, where sections of the local demographic experience rural and urban socio-economic deprivation, as well as offering opportunities to young people in rural areas who do not have the same access to the arts as young people in urban areas.



HighTide works with its Board of Trustees to monitor equality across the organisation, programming and engagement. The Board is refreshed on a regular basis.



HighTide has a commitment to collaborative partnership and stakeholder relationships that diversify and enrich the organisation and the experience of our audiences.

We are supported by a diverse range of funders which enables a broad and collaborative programme of work.