From 5th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2013
Bottleneck is an outstanding play by young writer Luke Barnes.
The Telegraph

A HighTide production.

Am I a virgin? I think I am. I mean it went in her but it was floppy and it wasn’t very nice so I think I’m a virgin. I’m going to say I am. Will look better on my uni applications.

Liverpool, 1989. Greg is thirteen. He has just started secondary school. He earns pocket money sweeping up hair in a barbers. Girls are aliens. Liverpool FC are everything.

Liverpool, 2012. Tom has an extraordinary story to tell you.

Steven Atkinson, director of the Fringe First winning Lidless directs James Cooney (Island, National Theatre) in a vibrant coming-of-age story about becoming a man through adventures both big and small. It is about a notorious city; Liverpool. How the outside world views it and how it views the outside world.

Bottleneck played at Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival, and Soho Theatre.