16.30 Sunday 24th Oct

Writer: Kat Rose-Martin

Venue: NW2 (unreserved seating)

Ticket price: £5

Book here (via the New Wolsey)

In the Women’s toilets of every nightclub ever, there’s always a lass. She’s often alone. She’s often had a few too many, but not always. And you only have to catch her eye and you’ve got a best mate for life – even if you didn’t ask for one. You know as soon as a Toilet Lass asks to borrow your lip gloss, you’re in for a wild ride. End Cubicle is a love letter to every woman who’s ever met a toilet lass, took a selfie with a toilet lass, or been a toilet lass.

Content warnings: References to domestic abuse, drinking, sexual harassment.

Run time: Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

Cast & Creatives

  • Emily Stott Toilet Lass
  • Chloe France Director
    Chloe France is a theatre maker and founder of Tombola, a theatre company based in Norwich. Tombola’s work is made in the East, about the East. Their next project, John Barleycorn Must Die, is being made during a residency at Metal in Peterborough (2020/21). This work is investigating the legacy of customs and rituals associated with food production, and the nature of fatalities in the agricultural industry. Tombola foregrounds East Anglian stories without romanticising contemporary regional/ rural experiences.  Chloe’s work as a director includes Medea (Mountview, 2020), 'Company’: Music & Text project (Mountview, 2019), Jane Eyre (Watermill Theatre & schools/ rural tour, 2018) and  ‘Landscape’: Music & Text project (Mountview, 1 day, 2018).