A HighTide production.

And they all told us we were crazy, everyone told us we were crazy. But we knew we were right. And now, I think: what if we were wrong? What if they were right, after all, and we were wrong?

Bright twenty-somethings Molly and Conor have been married for a year. Forced to relocate to Conor’s family-home in Belfast, their love and understanding of each other is brought irretrievably into question.

In Guardians, the beautifully crafted follow-up to Lucy Caldwell’s George Devine Award-winning play Leaves, Caldwell explores what happens when our expectations come up against reality, and how easy it is to miss our step.

Cast & Creatives

  • Sonya Cassidy
  • Andrew Simpson
  • Nathalie Abrahami Director
  • Ben Power Dramaturge
  • takis Design
  • Matt Prentice Lighting
  • Steve Mayo Sound
  • Dick Streker for Mesmer Video Projection
  • John Tucker Voice
  • Camilla Evans Casting Director
  • Jae Forrester Production Manager
  • Al Orange Stage Manager
  • George Moustakas Assistant Stage Manager