You can’t even read the label on a Russian jam jar but you want to tell me what’s wrong with the whole of my society?

A state-run English-language TV station in Moscow. On Richard Hunt’s first day as acting producer, Milosevic dies. A simple story of an evil man dying unmourned may not be so simple after all.

Moscow Live is Serge Cartwright’s first play, based on his experiences in a Moscow newsroom. A very funny but deadly serious look at how truth and news are rarely the same thing, and how individual motives interfere with both. It is a thrilling, thought-provoking and razor-sharp debut.

Moscow Live was performed at HighTide Festival 2010.

Cast & Creatives

  • Lorna Beckett
  • Kieran Bew
  • Edmund Kingsley
  • Alastair Roberts
  • Jeany Spark
  • Martin Turner
  • Jonathan Humphreys Director
  • Sebastian Born Dramaturge
  • takis Design
  • Matt Prentice Lighting
  • Christopher Shutt Sound
  • Tom Mills Music and Sound
  • John Tucker Voice
  • Camilla Evans Casting Director
  • Jae Forrester Production Manager
  • Roxanne Kamberos Stage Manager
  • Alev Scott Assistant Director