A rehearsed reading at HighTide Festival 2016

Passion and power in the modern and postmodern art worlds lay bear the secret of what great art is.

The question for Leonardo da Vinci is of fundamental importance to art.  To answer it, Leonardo, as timeless wisdom, is brought up to date on the history of art by a young history of art student, our narrator.  She takes both him and us on a journey through the  modern and postmodern art worlds.  In this gripping, often hilarious, true story of passion and power we meet Picasso, Duchamp, Pollock, Warhol, Hirst and Emin.  They and the influential art world people around them reenact, in their actual words, pivotal moments in the story of modern art.  Leonardo’s considered answer to the question, also delivered in his own actual words, points the way forward to a new art world after postmodernism.

Running time: 90 minutes no interval.

Cast & Creatives

  • Caroline Wiseman Writer
    A qualified barrister, Caroline Wiseman has always adored art and has been a dealer in modern art in both London and New York for 30 years. She wanted to understand the power and politics behind the contemporary art world and so began to read in depth biographies and autobiographies of the major players in modern art since Picasso.  This play, The Leonardo Question is the result.  With her partner, Francis Carnwath, she runs the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout where for the past six years artists, poets, thinkers, writers and performers have been inspired by the bleakness and beauty of the Suffolk coast to create brand new works of art.