A co-production with The Garage, Norwich.

As part of an experimental rehabilitation programme, eight young offenders are taken to a long-abandoned island off the UK coast. A place of puffins and gale force winds. Here they will live self-sufficiently under the guidance of two reformed ex-offenders. They will learn the value of teamwork and the pleasure found in the ache of a muscle put to productive use. But how much hope is too much hope? And what will happen when the loyalties of this new ‘family’ are tested? A lawless new play about copulating seals, mind-altering fungus and why Lord Of The Flies is b@**$#!t.

A new production collaboratively created by playwright Phil Porter and members of The Garage Young Company, directed by Fringe First winner Joe Douglas. Performed by members of the HighTide Summer Academy 2013.

Conceived by members of the Easter Writing Academy

Emma Bates
Maria Johnson
Joseph Scholes
James English
Daniel Collard
Leon Smith
Jamie Biddle
Tilly Lunken
Alex Gagen
Sophie Skyring

The Reprobates was performed at The Garage, Norwich.

Cast & Creatives

  • Niall Secker
  • Shona Smith
  • Nick Waring
  • Luke McCulloch
  • Lucinda Waller
  • David Herring
  • Megan Herring
  • Natasha Rowan
  • Eleanor Robinson
  • Cal Chapman
  • Charlie Hunt
  • Phil Porter Writer
  • Joe Douglas Director
  • Robert Henderson Trainee Director
  • Leon Smith Stage Manager