We want you to enjoy your visit to the HighTide Festival and we don’t want you to worry about what to expect.

When you arrive, you can collect your tickets from the Box Office which is a booth you will see as you walk from Walthamstow Central station. You then walk to your right alongside the fencing and will see the entrance to the Festival. There will be music playing and you might smell food from the food stalls.

You will be greeted by a security guard wearing black and invited in. Once inside, you will see the food stalls, a bar which is under a teepee and the theatre behind it.

Here is a HighTide Festival Visual Story  (created by Include Arts) which will explain what you will experience once you are inside. It has pictures of what you will see and hear when you arrive.

If you arrive late then you may be asked to wait until a suitable break in the performance before you enter and sometimes you may not be able to enter at all. We only do this if it’s necessary to avoid disrupting the production. If you have any concerns, please contact the Box Office on 020 7566 9765 or email hello@hightide.org.uk,