We love our home in Aldeburgh, and truly believe that it’s a gorgeous, inspiring place to create theatre, and to experience adventurous new plays.

Here are some of the things that we love about Aldeburgh:

  • We love the people of Aldeburgh, who are incredibly supportive of our work and of arts and culture in general. We’re delighted to receive such a warm welcome every year, and we’d like to say a huge thank you for their support.
  • We love the Red House and its beautiful gardens, perfect to enjoy in any weather -even in the rain as anyone who attended the 2015 performance of Moments of a Midsummer Night’s Dream will remember.
  • We love how the Aldeburgh Boating Pond by the Moot Hall is always teeming with model yachts.
  • We love the Aldeburgh Cinema, both its gorgeous exterior and the wonderful interior – especially the comfortable seats.
  • We love the view from the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout across on to the beach, and the view from The Pumphouse out on to the marshes.
  • We love all of the interesting houses in Aldeburgh, and how when viewed from Crag Path, they all look as though they’re craning to get a look at the sea.
  • We love the Aldeburgh Bookshop run by John and Mary, which has an absolutely wonderful selection of books and feels exactly how a bookshop should feel – quietly exciting.
  • We love grabbing some deliciously crispy battered fish and chips from The Golden Galleon, and heading down to beach to enjoy them.

This isn’t a finished list, we’ll be adding more as time goes on. You can also grab any one of the HighTide Team and we’ll gabble on for days about why we love Aldeburgh.

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