All of the venues at HighTide Festival are within a short walking distance of each other, mostly under 5 minutes between venues, other than for the performance of The Last Woodwose (please see event page for details).

Take a look at our map to see how to make your way around town. We’ll also have tonnes of colourful signage at the Festival too, so you’ll never be lost.


The Venues are:
1. Festival Hub and Box Office

Fishers Gin Distillery, Beach Lodge, Crag Path, IP15 5BT

2. Jubilee Hall
Crabbe Street, IP15 5BN

3. Aldeburgh Cinema
51 High Street, IP15 5AU

4. The Pumphouse
Park Road, IP15 5EU

5. Church Hall
Victoria Road, IP15 5DU
6. The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout
31 Crag Path, IP15 5BS
7. The Cross Keys
Crabbe Street, IP15 5BN
8. Garage Gallery
152 High Street, IP15 5AQ
9. Aldeburgh Gallery
143 High Street, IP15 5AN
Car Parks can be found at:
Slaughden Quay, Aldeburgh, IP15 5DE
Fort Green, Aldeburgh, IP15 5DR
King Street, Aldeburgh, IP15 5BS
Oakley Square, Aldeburgh, IP15 5BX
Thorpe Road, Aldeburgh, IP15 5BH