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Festival 2009

The third annual HighTide festival

27th April-10th May Halesworth, Suffolk

An enticing mix of the old guard and a glimpse into the future


As HighTide embarked upon our third season of work, we sought to push the boundaries ever further, both in the selection of plays and playwrights and in the impact of our work on the audience.

Three productions formed the core of HighTide Festival 2009; Muhmah is the professional d├ębut of an American playwright who now lives in Ireland, Fixer is the first full-length production of a British-Nigerian former journalist, and Guardians is the second part of an Irish trilogy, the first of which was produced by the Royal Court Theatre. We sourced these plays from over 700 unsolicited script submissions, which HighTide received from writers based around the world, and with audiences now traveling from Belfast to Lagos, from Berlin to Cape Cod, the third HighTide Festival was more international than ever before.