HighTide is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.

We are also supported by a wide array of individual donors, trusts, foundations and businesses.


Principal Partner Lansons

For 2020 – 2021, HighTide is funded by:

Trusts & Foundations

The Martin Bowley Charitable Trust

Suffolk Community Foundation (Mitchell Fund)


Production Sponsors

Diana Hiddleston
The Parham Trust

Patrons Circle

Tim and Caroline Clark
Deba Das
Lindy O’Hare
Leah Schmidt and David Kogan

Play Development Fund

Deirdre Burrell, Rachel and Adam Cooke, Elizabeth Downie, Nancy Durrant, Liz Fosbury, Jon Gilchrist, Sir David Hare, Francesca Hutchinson, Joyce Hytner, Priscilla John, Rebecca King Lassman, Tony Mackintosh and Criona Palmer, Vinay Patel, Deidre and Mark Simpson, Emily Reid, Stephanie Renouf, Rowan Rutter, Graham and Sue White

Lighthouse Programme Supporters

Sarah Bardwell, Guy Beringer, Susan Brandt, Tim and Caroline Clark, Padraig Cusack, Joanna Deakin, Annabel and Jonathan Franklin, Jon Gilchrist, David Hare, Tony Mackintosh and Criona Palmer, Joyce Hytner, Natalie Ibu, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Robyn Keynes, Alison Malton, Robin Marchal, The Old Possums Practical Trust, Leah Schmidt and David Kogan, Daniel Reid,  Deirdre and Mark Simpson, John Rodgers and Charlotte and Dennis Stevenson.