A Climate-Positive Production Timeline

Using the Three Elements of Climate Dramaturgy, as developed by our Associate Artist, Zoë Svendsen (Expectation, Facilitation and Permission/E, F, P), here’s a potential timeline for production which supports more climate-positive practices:

  1. Engaging the Creative Team 
  • Share ethos of climate care with each creative at first meeting (P)
  • Ensure creative production fees cover time for climate careful planning (F) 
  • In offer letter, share expectations for climate care and how it will be facilitated (E)
  • Offer Carbon Literacy Training (F) 
  • Expect use of the Theatre Green Book (E)
  • Contract creative teams at least 6 months in advance, including production manager (F) 
  • Share details of resources for reuse (set/costume/tech equipment) (F) 
  • Communicate climate care ethos publicly (P) 
  1. Parameters Meeting
  • Introduce Production Decision Impact Tracker to the team (P) (F) 
  • Arrange schedule for director/designer process to ensure time for climate care (E) (F)
  • Arrange tech schedule to fit the team’s access needs/care responsibilities (F) 
  • Pool ideas for how best to meet Theatre Green Book standards (F) 
  1. Design Concept Meeting 
  • Bring creatives together to explore early-stage ideas, to enable collaborative climate care (F) 
  • Start using Production Decision Impact Tracker (F) 
  • Schedule time prior to White Card meeting to research/‘design out’ any potential environmental impacts (E) (F) 
  1. White Card Meeting
  1. Final Design Meeting
  • Use Production Materials Tracker to calculate impact (F) (E) 
  • Schedule procurement to ensure transport minimised (F) 
  • Discuss afterlife of all set/costumes/props (F) 
  • Hold climate parameters meeting for stage management/buyers/props & costume 
  1. Rehearsals
  • Adjust rehearsal schedule for access needs/care responsibilities (F) 
  • Artistic Director/Producer share climate ethics with cast & celebrate climate care in design (P) 
  • Share anti-racism learning and practice (P) 
  • In production meetings expect each departmental update to include climate impacts (E) 
  • Publicise climate care to audiences, through rehearsal interviews etc (E) (P) 
  1. Technical Rehearsals
  • Use a climate contingency budget to reduce impacts of last-minute decisions in tech/previews (F) 
  1. Performances
  • Communicate show-specific stories of climate care to wider public (P) 
  1. Environmental Action Debrief
  1. Afterlife 
  • Store reusable resources and share details for future use (F) 
  • Implement recommendations from the Environmental Action Debrief (F) 
  • Put creatives in touch with their counterpart on the next production to share climate care know-how (P) 

Click here for a graphic illustration of this climate careful production timeline and the Three Elements of Climate Dramaturgy.