Production Decision Impact Tracker

You can download HighTide’s template Production Decision Impact Tracker here.

We have adapted this tracker from an excellent one designed by the Donmar Warehouse, during Zoë Svendsen’s Climate Conversations research project.  We made some changes that work better for HighTide’s smaller scale.  We also chose to measure the financial and time impacts of our production decisions, as well environmental impacts, to see what that tells us.

The main aim of this tracker is to help us pay attention to our choices.  It makes our impacts more visible.  We find this supports us to make more climate-positive decisions.

How and when we use it:

  • Pre-Production: We use it as the place to record the impacts of decisions made in all early stage, artistic conversations.
  • Production:  We use it as the place to record the minutes of all production meetings.
  • Post-Production:  We also use it as an evaluation tool, after a show has closed, to support our Environmental Action Debrief.

We’re still trialling how we use this tracker.  We’ll update this webpage with newer versions. 

Feel free to adapt it to your own needs.