Production Materials Tracker

You can download HighTide’s template Production Materials Tracker here.

This tracker can be found on the Theatre Green Book website here.

This tracker allows us to ensure we’re on target to make a Theatre Green Book ‘baseline’, ‘intermediary’ or ‘advanced’ production.  This all depends on the % of materials that have had a previous life before our show and the % of materials that will go on to have a future life after our show. 

How and when we use it:

  • Production:  We use it to list all production items (technical equipment, costumes, set & scenery and props & furniture). On the tracker we list, the material, where it was sourced and the destination after use
  • Post-Production:  We also use it as an evaluation tool, after a show has closed, to see if we have met our Theatre Green Book target for the performance.

Feel free to adapt it to your own needs.