About HighTide

Our artistic mission

HighTide is a writer-centred theatre company, based in the East of England.  We produce new plays by playwrights from our region, touring across the East and beyond.  We run a year-round writer development programme that creates space for East of England playwrights to thrive.  We offer creative writing programmes in schools and community groups to build confidence, wellbeing and employability. 

We are committed to ensuring everyone, from all backgrounds, can participate in the joy and power of theatre.  We believe that partnership and collaboration makes better theatre, as well as more lasting, positive social change.

HighTide holds the climate crisis in its name; a daily reminder of our responsibility to act now – with imagination and creativity. We see climate and social justice as inextricably linked and believe that theatre can help rehearse a better future for us all.

Our 2030 vision

For our playwrights:

By 2030, the East of England will be a recognised seedbed of exceptional, diverse and thriving playwriting talent.

For our communities:

By 2030, HighTide’s targeted creative writing programmes will have increased confidence, wellbeing and employability in our home region.

For our industry:

By 2030, HighTide will have shown that it is not only possible, but creatively exhilarating, to become a net-zero theatre company. 

Our values

  • Inclusive
  • Ambitious 
  • Collaborative
  • Kind and candid
  • Dedicated to writers 
  • Focussed on the East of England

You can read more about us in our most recent report and you can browse our policies to find out more about how we enact our values across the organisation.

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