Environmental Action

The climate crisis is the story of our time. 

HighTide holds that crisis in our name; a daily reminder of our responsibility to act now – with imagination and creativity.

Our vision:  to show that it is not only possible, but creatively exhilarating, to become a decarbonised company by 2030. 

But, more than that, we pledge to tell truths openly; to work in coalition with others for positive change; and to imaginatively adapt to our new realities whilst helping others to do the same.  We see climate and social justice as inextricably linked and are restless in our belief that theatre can help rehearse a better future for us all.

This action will run, sometimes visibly, and sometimes invisibly, through everything that we do.  We think of this action as two, interconnected threads:

  1. We develop and embed the artistic practice of climate dramaturgy into all of our work.
  2. We are writing a Decarbonisation Action Plan, taking us up to 2030. This will be an ever-evolving document, built on our climate dramaturgy work and openly responding to partnership working and ongoing changes in our sector, society and science.  We’ll share it soon.
Climate Dramaturgy