Public Benefit Statement

HighTide Festival Productions Limited

Charity Number: 1124477

Most recent draft:  14thFebruary 2019

The objects of the Company shall be to provide artistic benefit to the inhabitants of the United Kingdom (hereinafter described as the area of benefit) without distinction of the nine protected characteristics as outlined in the Equality Action 2010:

These are to:

(i) provide artistic development opportunites for inhabitants through the production of new plays, festivals and touring work.

(ii) provide opportunites for inhabitants to experience HighTide’s productions and festivals.

(iii) provide educational artistic opportunites for young people

The public benefits that flow from purpose (i) are:

(a) Increased opportunities for artists to have their work staged and seen by audiences, contributing to their creative career progression which in turns contributes towards the area of benefit’s creative industry.

The public benefits that flow from purpose (ii) are:

(a) Increased opportunities for individuals to experience theatre and live performance, resulting in the benefits of watching theatre including deeper emotional understanding and connection with others. This increased ability to comprehend and empathize leads to a more cohesive community and increased public wellbeing.

(b) Increased investment in communities where HighTide’s productions and festivals are taking place, through the employing of staff, purchasing of materials and audiences spending in the community as part of their visit, boosting the local economy.

The public benefits that flow from purpose (iii) are:

(a) An enhanced quality of life and sense of well-being through engagement

with and participation in activities and events that allow young people to express themselves creatively; leading to improvements in physical and emotional well-being, quality of life and a more stable and cohesive community;

No harm arises from the purposes, the beneficiaries are artists and the general public and no private benefit arises from these purposes.