Alexander Masters’ Stuart: A Life Backwards

From 7th February 2018

A co-production with Sheffield Theatres, in association with Watford Palace Theatre, Underbelly and Dumbfounded.

Write my story backwards. You’ll find the clue.

Stuart Shorter is a chaotic, violent, motormouth homeless man from Cambridge. Alexander Masters is a reserved, semi-dysfunctional, member of the educated middle-classes.

Jack Thorne’s new play Stuart: A Life Backwards tells the story of their unlikely, crusading friendship, and of Stuart’s entire life, told (backwards) by Alexander.

Adapted from Alexander Masters’ beloved Guardian First Book Award-winning biography of the same name, Stuart is a joyful and disturbing look at an unsung, inadvertent, British hero.

Stuart: A Life Backwards played at Edinburgh Festival, Watford Palace Theatre, and Sheffield Theatres.