Art Heist

28th May 2019
Aldeburgh Festival 2019
“Poltergeist… remember the name, because these guys are going places.”
The Stage

Poltergeist presents Art Heist

Three thieves break into the same gallery on the same night. They’re all intent on stealing the same extremely valuable painting.  They’re bound to meet and it’s bound to get messy.  An existential comedy caper which asks the big questions. What is art? Why is it extremely valuable? And, how much can I get for this on eBay? From the team behind multi award-winning Lights Over Tesco Car Park.

Art Heist is produced by Poltergeist in association with the North Wall Arts Centre. Winner of the New Diorama & Underbelly Untapped Award 2019. Supported by Arts Council England.

Details: Sun 15 Sep, 12pm at Jubilee Hall


Image by Guy J Sanders
“[One of the] UK’s Best Young Theatre Companies”
The Guardian