BBC and HighTide Radio Plays

29th May 2019
Aldeburgh Festival 2019

HighTide, BBC Radio 3 and BBC Arts are collaborating with two talented HighTide alumni writers, Vinay Patel (HighTide production True Brits; Doctor Who and BAFTA-nominated Murdered By My Father) and Aldeburgh-raised Tallulah Brown (BBC New Talent Hotlist; Sea Fret and writer of HighTide 2018 hit play Songlines) to collaborate on two 45 minute radio plays that thematically interweave, set in Suffolk.

The Aldeburgh event will be live recorded for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 later in the year.


Anastasia Hille (The Missing) and Clare Perkins (EmiliaSweat) lead a brilliant cast including Joel MacCormack (UK Theatre Awards Best Actor, Ian Charleson nominee), Cassie Layton (Hole, Juliet at the Globe) and Simon Ludders (Dad’s ArmyThe Lost Episodes). 


THE SHORES – Three Tales From the End of a World

By Vinay Patel, Directed by Jessica Dromgoole

The modern Suffolk coast. Two best friends find they can escape a dire eighteenth birthday party, but they can’t run from a future apart.
Seven thousand years earlier. A young woman fights to save her fractured community from a catastrophe only she knows is coming.
3345 CE. From the edges of a drowned land, a lonely preacher seeks to resurrect the gods.

The Shores tells the story of enduring humanity over 8,000 years – bringing together stories from the ancient past, the modern Suffolk Coast and a dystopian future to explore community, gods and catastrophe.



By Tallulah Brown, Directed by Jessica Dromgoole

When Rita finds a fish-girl with a long, green and scaly tail in her bath, she immediately knows who’s to blame. Since her sister got ill, their dad’s been taking his old fishing boat out and trawling the North sea  looking for a church bell off the coast of Dunwich. He never meant to catch a mermaid but now he has, and he wants to sell her. As the fish-girl  struggles to survive on land, Rita’s sister begins to improve. Is the mermaid a beast or a thing of wonder? Rita can’t decide.

Keeping a mermaid secret isn’t easy and when dead animals start washing up on the beach, rumours flood the town. Rita has to help the fish-girl get back to the sea but at what cost?

Silver Darlings is a mystical play set by Sizewell’s Nuclear Power Plant about pulling up a mermaid from the North Sea.

Details: Sat 14 September, 11.45am at Aldeburgh Cinema

Total running time: 1h 30m

Please note this is a free event but you must still book a ticket using the link below.