From 8th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2012

A HighTide Festival Theatre & curious directive project.

‘Science is a state of mind. It is a dynamic process of discovery as alive as life itself.’Natalie Angier

Binary is a new, writer focussed project from award-winning devising company curious directive which asks two playwrights to engage with an area of science they are curious about. The writers are then paired with a scientist of their choice and together they create a new hybrid work.  At the HighTide Festival, the process of the collaboration as well as the two world premiers of the new plays will be shared.

During the performance of Binary, an Eastern based scientist will explain the writing process and an Eastern based playwright will explain the scientific process explored in the writing; thus creating a Binary.

Binary sees playwright Ian McHugh in collaboration with Marine Biologist, Ellen Husain (BBC) and playwright Alexandra Wood in collaboration with Ian Renfre and Stephen Dorling of (UEA). Both new works are directed by curious directive Artistic Director, Jack Lowe.

bi·na·ry [bahy-nuh-ree, -ner-ee] noun – a whole composed of two.

Binary was performed at HighTide Festival 2012.