Boys Don’t

2nd July 2018

Half Moon presents Boys Don’t, a Papertale production in association with Apples and Snakes (South East).

What’s a boy to do? From the playground to the classroom, from home to the uncharted waters of online, boys learn that displaying their feelings is a no-no. But what happens to emotion that can’t be let out? Boys Don’t explores what happens when boys show their feelings and is written from the real-life experiences of the male cast. Through a series of funny, familiar and sometimes heart-breaking stories of boys in the emotional spotlight, this spoken word show offers the possibility of more open communication for everyone.  

 This engaging new production, directed by Rosemary Harris, delivers insights into male experiences of growing up and features some of the UK’s leading poets and performers in repertory, including Justin Coe, Hadiru Mahdi, Tanaka Mhishi and Steve Tasane.    

 Nominated for Best Production for Young People aged 8+ Off West End Awards 2017. 

In partnership with Half Moon and Apples and Snakes (South East), Boys Don’t is the latest work from Papertale, following on from the Suitcase Trilogy (Map of MeA Roo in My Suitcase and One Way Ticket) of spoken word performances about migration for young audiences.  

Running time: 70m including 25m interactive talkback session

Recommended age: 8-12s and adult audiences  

Twitter: @halfmoontheatre 


"A poignant and very compelling piece of acting."
Susan Elkin, Sardines Magazine