Build A Rocket (Walthamstow)

30th May 2017
HighTide Festival Walthamstow 2017

Every HighTide production and play reading starts life as a commission, and we find our writers through an annual programme called First Commissions. We work with 6 writers who are paired with our Associate Artists to develop an idea from conception to full production – two of which are produced for performance at a HighTide Festival. 

HighTide First Commissions presents a reading of Build a Rocket by Chris York.

Is every child born equal, or is it impossible for a young lad raised in a council house to become an astronaut, prime minister, doctor or teacher?

Christopher is a Yorkshire born-and-bred playwright who was short listed for last year’s Old Vic 12 and has had short plays performed at Arcola Theatre, Arts Theatre and Southwark Playhouse. He is an ensemble member of The Faction. Christopher’s writing is predominantly jukebox – drawing narrative inspirations from albums and music in structurally poetic, broken verse. His play Build A Rocket will follow Yasmin from Scarborough who becomes pregnant by a runaway father and is forced to raise her child alone. The play aims to capture what it is like to raise a child in the working class North East.

Running time: 1 h 20m