From 8th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2012
A remarkable new play
The Times

A HighTide production.

I’ve had more than my fair share of fun. Loved all the people I’m gonna love… It’s time to pass the wheelchair on.

Old friends Carl and Mikey must say their farewells this evening as Mikey makes plans to leave the care home that has become their new stomping ground.  Troll Face just wants to keep things running to time and Etienne is forced to see out his community service with two old geezers scrounging for fags.

Shut away from a world where pensioners steal in order to feed themselves and dreaming of a youth spent in the dingy corner of a seedy club, two lifelong friends are forced to say their goodbyes.  When memory is fading and the past is clouded with a lifetime of drink and drugs, what is true and how to live is called into question.

Laura Poliakoff’s debut play is a powerful call to arms for a generation of twenty year olds not considering their own old age.  How we care for our elderly, where we put them and the sacrifices that are made fuels this often comic yet touching play.

Clockwork played at HighTide Festival 2012.