Jayde Adams: 31

23rd February 2016
HighTide Festival 2016
An unmissable Fringe Gem, uncut, sparkling and precious.

I was probably about seven years old when I first went on a stage in front of people. Disco dancing in a matching skin-tight sequinned lycra onesie with my sister, which our Mum made. She was a good dancer. I wasn’t. I didn’t have any confidence. A lot has changed.

I always used to think that other people knew the secret to being happy and if I followed their steps, I too could achieve it. It wasn’t until I reached 31 that I realised that being myself, a total dick head, was my route to happiness. This is a funny show about finding the confidence to be totally myself after 31 years of trying to be other people.

Jayde Adams is “Britain’s funniest woman comic” (Daily Mail) and “a fearless force of nature” (Independent) “The 3rd funniest woman in the world. Fact.” (Dawn French)

Jayde’s show was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards. She also won the Funny Women Award in 2014.

Running Time: 1hr no interval.

"A flawless show from accomplished comedian Jayde Adams, 31 is a stunning blend of side-splitting comedy and heart-wrenching storytelling."
Broadway Baby
"Adams has a highly original voice and is unafraid to mix lowbrow, explicit anecdotes with the emotionally intimate"
Three Weeks
"There is a hell of a lot in this performance. Adams jokes that she’s an “octuple threat“, but it’s not that idle a boast. She has caught many of the audience unawares and the standing ovation she receives is very well earned."
TV Bomb