Dusk Rings a Bell

From 9th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2011
Both Katherine Kingsley and Paul Blair play faultlessly
The Times

A co-production with Watford Palace Theatre.

I actually think we might’ve hung out on a lifeguard stand; as the sun went down; about twenty-four years ago, at dusk?

Twenty-four years ago, the future was going to be different. Mol was going to be happy; older and smarter and married with kids. Ray was going to be a heart surgeon.

When they meet again, by chance – she divorced and childless; he a caretaker and gardener – they discover that their lives are even further from that future than they had thought.

Precise and beautifully controlled, but hiding violence, Dusk Rings A Bell is a play steeped in both regret and possibility about the difficulty of taking responsibility for our choices, and how life will make them for us, if we’re not careful.

A finely-judged two-hander
The Stage