Game Over

From 5th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2014

A collaboration between The Garage and HighTide.

A group of likeminded Gamers who have met online, gather for a party in the real world. They are all set to play a brand new game that no one has ever played before. The trouble is someone’s microwaved the telly remote, the police are knocking about the noise and there’s a body in the downstairs toilet. Who’s going to speak first, who’s going to confess and more importantly who’s going to win the game?

Game Over was first conceived by young writers during a Writing Academy workshop which invited budding young playwrights to develop a collaborative storyline, characters and dialogue. The material was then developed into a script by Vickie Donoghue whose credits include Mudlarks (HighTide Festival/503/The Bush).