Hartbeeps – Baby Beeps

From 31st May 2017

Hartbeeps create innovative and highly interactive productions for the very young, by transforming everyday environments into colourful, tactile ‘wonderlands’, inviting participants to join us in a world of the imagination. Using state-of-the-art music production, authentic music composition, sound effects, songs and sound plays, along with staging sets, inventive props and puppetry, we create individual and highly specialised experiences for our young Hartbeepers. From classes to parties, events to theatre, Hartbeeps offer a truly unique approach to the very beginnings of the all-important journey into play and learning.


About Baby Beeps

Baby Beeps™ classes are very innovative and rich in language development, as we take a sound journey through ‘Babyland’ a squishy squashy place with no sharp edges and a place where every day activities and routines are turned into ‘sing song’ events.

Baby babbles are the important beginnings of baby’s developing language and full of music and rhythm, we celebrate these wonderful sounds as they are turned into songs, happy claps and puppet characters too.

The Baby Beeps™ programme has adopted its very own technology ‘Soundplay’ which involves a series of methodologies and ways to enhance communication between baby and adult. The effects are dynamic and we regularly witness large groups of babies captivated by our rhythmic babble raps, claps and songs

Running time: 45m

For ages/stages sitting to walking

One ticket is valid for one adult and one child.