3rd June 2016
HighTide Festival 2015
The Times

HighTide and Soho Theatre in association with Unity Theatre Liverpool present Lampedusa by Anders Lustgarten.

A devastatingly powerful new play from the UK’s most exciting political writer.

Last year 4,000 people drowned trying to get to Europe in rickety migrant boats. The UK government responded by eliminating support for the main rescue programme.

One man’s job is to pull bodies out of the Mediterranean; the sea that gave birth to the world. And in the UK, a payday loan collector tramps from door to door hearing complaints about immigration and the jobs crisis. In a story of divide and rule, two strangers strive to find human connection in a world of separation. This is the story of two Europes – one that people are desperate to enter, and one that people are desperate to keep for themselves.

Lampedusa is by award-winning playwright Anders Lustgarten (If You Don’t Let Us Dream, We Won’t Let You Sleep, A Day at the Racists, Black Jesus) and directed by Steven Atkinson, Artistic Director of HighTide (peddling, Bottleneck, Lidless).

Having premiered at Soho Theatre before transferring to HighTide Festival 2015, Lampedusa is a play about being better than our rulers think we are.

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Activism starting with self
Powerfully affective
[Lustgarten's] best yet ... brave bold and moving.
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