Luke Wright, Poet Laureate

From 2nd July 2018
Aldeburgh 2018
'Performance poetry's key revivalist.'

Luke Wright presents a work in progress performance of

Luke Wright, Poet Laureate

Luke Wright seeks poetry’s top job. Has own quill.

With a new Poet Laureate due in 2019 Wrighty’s chucking his hat in the ring. But he’s a dark horse at best. He turned down his invite to the palace in 2012 and he’s really got to stop penning one-vowelled invectives about Tory politicians if he’s to get a look in.

So he’s a on a mission to reinvent his poetry, to unite rather than divide. But can one poet ever really represent an entire nation? And just who are these previously laureled rogues? Luke delves into the murky world of poets laureate past, while serving up a sparkling set of new poems.

Running time: 1h

Age recommendation: 14+

Image by Idil Sukan
'Wright is a clever playwright and charismatic performer...succeeds in finding new and beautiful ways of expressing the everyday.'
The Guardian on Frankie Vah