Midnight Your Time

From 9th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2011
Diana Quick as Judy portrays a tough yet fragile woman in which every daughter will see something of her own mother

A HighTide Festival Theatre Production

I’m sure that in the context of the plight of the Palestinian people, asking your own Father to lie to your own Mother must seem like terribly small beer.

Every Thursday at 3am, Judy talks to her daughter on a webcam. Judy calls from Islington; her daughter is in Palestine. A retired lawyer, Judy is casting around for ways to occupy herself: with a women’s peace league; with Mr and Mrs Prabhakar; with her daughter’s life.

Midnight Your Time is written, directed and produced by the team behind HighTide’s Stovepipe, recently named one of the Sunday Times’ Ten Best Theatre Productions of the Decade. Performed by Diana Quick, the iconic star of ITV’s Brideshead Revisited.

Viciously funny but ultimately heartbreaking, it asks who we owe responsibility to, and how we should best live in the world.

Midnight Your Time played at HighTide Festival, and Assembly George Square, Edinburgh Festival 2011.