Organs of Little Apparent Importance

From 8th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2012

A HighTide Festival Theatre Production in partnership with Halesworth Middle School.

Organs now of trifling importance have probably in some cases been of high importance to an early progenitor. Charles Darwin, Origin of Species

A personal, fast paced individual journey experienced through headphones whilst guided through the town of Halesworth.  This new play places you inside a world of multiple characters, new spaces and reimagines the landscape you are rooted in. Allow yourself to follow the voices and sounds as a new story unfolds.

Organs of Little Apparent Importance is an exciting major new work for HighTide that invites its audience to journey through an imagined Halesworth.  How do we evolve, how do places change and what shapes our perception of the here, of the now?

Sound designer, composer and theatre maker, Jon McLeod is one of the most exciting sound artists working in the UK. This piece was created with contributions from students at Halesworth Middle School.