From 16th April 2019
Aldeburgh Festival 2019

Jake Orr Productions, HighTide and Live Theatre present Pops by Charlotte Josephine.

“And my body aches. And I’ve broken everything and I can’t stop and it’s stopping me doing anything else and I desperately want to but I…”

They’re trying. Despite everything. They’re really trying. They almost work together, beautifully, and the almost is intoxicating. Award-winning writer Charlie Josephine’s new play Pops follows a father and daughter caught in a vicious cycle of addiction.  

Directed by Barrel Organ’s Ali Pidsley and movement by Jennifer Jackson. Pops is visceral theatre unpicking how what’s not said affects the body. 

Details: Sat 14 September, 7pm & Sun 15 September, 2.30pm at Jubilee Hall

Age recommendation: 12+

Running time: 1 hr

Pops is part of Disruption season at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.