Preview production: LIT

31st May 2017
HighTide Festival Aldeburgh 2017

HighTide presents a preview production of LIT by Sophie Ellerby.

“I’m making him work for it. Got him to buy me a pack of tangfastics and a can of lilt before I showed him my tits.”

LIT is a raw journey of a young girl’s desire to be loved. The problem with love is that it’s different for everyone. For Bex, love is a handjob in detention and the promise of a Chinese buffet. She doesn’t even like Chinese. How long can she keep searching for love in the wrong places before she ends up burnt?

This is a semi-staged performance of a production that will feature as part of HighTide 2018.

We welcome your feedback on this early draft to help the development of the scripts.

Sophie is a young writer whose main interest lies in every day people, from ‘the old lady with the funny eye clutching the tartan shopping trolley on Holloway Road, to the young girl on the Victoria line licking the McDonalds BBQ sauce straight out of the pot’. Sophie’s play is inspired by her time working in prisons during her studies in Manchester where she learnt about Theatre in Prisons. 

Running time: 1h 30m

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