Songlines Walthamstow

From 19th June 2018
Walthamstow 2018
'Fanta Barrie and Joe Hurst are a strong, contrasting pairing'
Fest Mag

Stevie’s Grandma prays for her salvation, Stevie’s mum preaches free love, Stevie doesn’t know where to start!

Stevie is sent to Suffolk – the home of doggers, folklore and Stan. The course of teenage love never did run smooth. When Stevie
bumps into Stan again, she has a chance to make things right.
A brand new piece of gig theatre with beautiful live folk music from award-winning band TRILLS, Songlines is a witty and moving
coming-of-age love story in all its awkward teen glory.
A brand new play from Suffolk writer Tallulah Brown, directed by George Chilcott.

'Fresh and wholly engaging'