Soul In The Van

From 2nd July 2018
Walthamstow 2018
‘It just makes you want to be happy and in love. Great experience’
Audience member

Gobbledigook Theatre with Hartshorn Hook present Soul In The Van.

A singer singing songs,

In the back of a van,

To a handful of people,

For 25 minutes,

Performed By ‘Clive’.

Internationally acclaimed performer Phil Grainger (Oprheus, The Great Gatsby,) performs some of the most intimate gigs of all time, in the back of the #SoulVan.

Running time: 25m

Recommended age: 16+

On Saturday and Sunday of each Festival weekend, performances between 10am – 1pm will be family performances of Soul In The Van.

This event will take place in The Van in Walthamstow Town Square Gardens

‘Beautiful voice, beautiful songs & a beautiful soul.
Audience member