21st June 2018
Aldeburgh 2018
Best Musical (Musical Theatre Review)

Michelle Barnette Productions and Flipping The Bird in association with HighTide present

“Fall in love in my early twenties, get married in my late twenties, have at least one child by the time I’m 30. F**k!”

Life is hard to navigate when you’ve got so many questions. Can I put this jumper in the washing machine? Do you have my birth certificate? Where did you find love?

A story of a kamikaze love affair with unexpected consequences. Hilarious and heart-breaking, SPARKS is a two-hander musical about the brain’s response to grief.

Written by Jessica Butcher, with original music by Anoushka Lucas & directed
by Jessica Edwards.

Running time: 1h

Recommended age: 14+ (contains strong language, scenes related to sex and grief)

Twitter: @Mich_Barnette, @FlippingTheatre, @ButcherJessica, @AnoushkaLucas


Instagram: @michellebarnetteproductions


Image by Helen Maybanks
“A true original”
Musical Theatre Review
"Graphic, silly, profound and poetic"
The Scotsman
“Makes you want to call the people in your life that you love and hear their voices”
The Stage
“Some shows feel too beautiful to write about.”
“Beautifully raw”
Edinburgh Guide
“Theatre at it’s best – raw, real and utterly striking.”
Sincerely Amy