The Adventure

From 8th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2012
A jolly jape as we follow the clues and pit wits against an unseen foe as we race to save the day

A HighTide Festival Theatre and Bad Physics Production.

Join an intrepid gang of young detectives on a journey through an explorable building and help them to solve a fiendishly puzzling mystery. Decipher interactive puzzles, offer suggestions and help to choose how the story unfolds. You won’t be sat in the dark watching a play… you’ll be at the heart of The Adventure.

Interactive theatre specialists Bad Physics present a work-in-progress performance of their new show for children, their parents, and adults who don’t want to grow up. Inspired by The Famous Five, and set in a world in which children don’t need adults to solve mysteries and bring baddies to justice, The Adventure is a crime thriller that can only be solved with YOUR help.

Oliver Birch has written a number of plays for young people including Fringe First winning shows The Echo Chamber and The Ignatius Trail and most recently a version of the nativity called Angel Command for the National Theatre.

The Adventure was performed at HighTide Festival 2012.