Thor and Loki

21st June 2018
Aldeburgh 2018
'A glittery antidote to a world in chaos… refreshing to see a new British musical this original'
The i Paper

Vicky Graham Productions in association with HighTide, Harlow Playhouse and Something for the Weekend present

Thor and Loki by Harry Blake

“When what was meant for everyone is guarded by a few, it’s time to make way for something new”

Our heroes Thor and Loki have destinies – destines that just don’t fit. The Gods are counting on Thor to win the war against the Giants, but he hates violence, is useless with a hammer and prefers writing poetry. Hideous half-Giant Loki is destined to destroy the Nine Worlds, but she’s never hurt a fly.

As war rages and The End Of The World approaches, an unlikely friendship is born. Can Thor and Loki find the strength to be themselves and save the world?

Expect epic battles, mighty ballads and a chorus of tap-dancing trolls in this big-hearted comedy about friends, heroes and making a stand. Freely adapted from Norse mythology, Thor and Loki is a fierce and fabulous new musical for every misfit who wants to change the world a little bit.

Created with HOUSE OF BLAKEWELL (We Can Make You Happy) and directed by HighTide Associate Artist Eleanor Rhode (Boudica, Shakespeare’s Globe and new musical Teddy).

Running time: 1h 15m 

Recommended age: 12+


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Facebook: /blakewellian
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Image by Helen Maybanks
‘Crowd teasing, crowd pleasing, spectacular... theatre at its very best.’
The Mumble
'Musical theatre Valhalla'
The Scotsman
'A smash hit for Marvel and musical fans alike'
The List
'an empowering and feel-good show that won’t fail to entertain'
Voice Mag
'If there is a show that has Fringe favourite stamped through, then it is probably this.'
What's On Stage
‘Thunderously good fun’
Time Out