True Brits

From 5th February 2018
HighTide Festival 2014
Loudly asks the questions we can’t afford to ignore about how we might all wave a flag together
The Guardian

A HighTide co-production with Rich Mason Productions.

Um, I did Google it though, there were only two Asians in Team GB. Out of five hundred and forty two athletes. And one of them was called “Neil Taylor”. Does that count?

When a violent encounter leads to a whirlwind romance, young Rahul is more than willing to be caught up. But in the aftermath of 7/7, his world changes in ways he cannot control, drawing him into ever-darker places as he struggles to remain part of a British society that now distrusts him on sight.

Sweeping between the paranoid London of 2005 and the euphoric city of the 2012 Olympics, the debut play by Vinay Patel (HighTide Escalator Programme and BBC competition-winning writer) is an honest, humorous, hopeful play about wanting to love and be loved. By your crush. By your friends. By your country.

True Brits was performed at HighTide Festival 2014, VAULT Festival 2015, and at the Park Theatre.