Introducing HighTide Associate Company, DugOut Theatre

Introducing HighTide Associate Company, DugOut Theatre

Posted on May 9th, 2018

HighTide are thrilled that DugOut Theatre are a HighTide Associate Company. HighTide have been big fans of DugOut for a number of years, championing and programming their work at previous HighTide Festivals. We are delighted to be co-producing Songlines by Tallulah Brown with DugOut this year. We chatted with Artistic Director, George Chilcott to get the low down…


“The next moment is always our favourite moment and that’s why we keep going. We’re always most excited by and most passionate about the thing we’re working towards.”
Who are DugOut Theatre? 
DugOut Theatre are a group of comedians, writers, musicians and actors, who create comedy plays with live music. Formed at Leeds University, there is a core group of us who are involved in most shows, but we are also on the constant look out for new DugOuters.

What kind of work does DugOut make? 

DugOut create new work that is often funny, sometimes sad, usually hopeful and almost always musical. It warms your heart, moves your feet, treats your eyes, lightens your load, tickles your fancy and swells your heart.

 Can you name a favourite moment since DugOut began? 

The next moment is always our favourite moment and that’s why we keep going. We’re always most excited by and most passionate about the thing we’re working towards. At the point of writing this, Replay, our latest show, is going to New York for the Brits Off Broadway Season – that’s pretty exciting.
HighTide are co-producing Songlines with DugOut. Tell us a bit about the show. 

Songlines is a coming of age love story in all its awkward teen glory. Accompanied by music from the award-winning band TRILLS, Tallulah Brown’s lyrical, funny play is set in Suffolk and will have you crying and laughing in equal measure.

You tend to incorporate music and song in to your shows. If you could pick a song from any DugOut show you’ve worked on as a favourite, what would it be? 

Good question as there have been a few. I’m very excited by the music currently being written for Songlines, ‘Beautiful Swan’ from Swansong was a cracking tune and I loved one of the one we didn’t write in Inheritance Blues, ‘Weight’ by The Band.

What’s it like being a HighTide Associate Company? 

It’s been a total joy. We have huge admiration for HighTide and what they have achieved and to be able to be in the same office as them and learn from them (either directly or by osmosis) each day is a genuine privilege. They’re also really, really nice people.

What has been your favourite HighTide production you’ve seen? 

I worked on Bottleneck, so it would be biased to pick that one out, though it had a huge emotional impact for me. Lampedusa felt a very important play at the time and arguably still is. I loved getting to know Brandon Jacob-Jenkins work for the first time with Neighbors. Oh gosh, too hard to call, sorry.

DugOut are a firm Edinburgh Fringe favourite. Do you have any handy tips to survive the beast that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? 

Even if your show is excellent, it doesn’t mean people will see it. Work very hard in the first week to flyer, paper, drag people to your show. It gets easier if you do that.

Oh and always carry a whistle.

George is director of Songlines by Tallulah Brown, a HighTide and DugOut co-production which premieres at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this Summer before going on tour, including HighTide Festivals in Aldeburgh and Walthamstow.