HighTide and Green Light Trust Charity

HighTide and Green Light Trust Charity

Posted on August 30th, 2022

Today we announced that we have donated 1% of our earned income from Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s When The Long Trick’s Over, which toured across the East of England to Environmental and wellbeing charity Green Light Trust.

As part of our ongoing Environmental and Wellbeing work, we undertook an extensive search for a charity recipient of the self-imposed levies we apply to all our productions and creative output. Green Light Trust was identified as being the perfect match for the annual donation.

We were keen as an organisation to go further, and give back to our local community“, said Hannah Dunne, our General Manager. “It is important to us that we support a charity which is directly giving back to the community in which we operate. Mental health and wellbeing, and Environmental Responsibility – helping conserve our woodlands and green spaces for future generations are issues that are at the core of our values as an organisation”.

Our Executive Director Rowan Rutter added “The benefit of this relationship will far outweigh the initial donation. As we move forward, we will learn from each other as organisations, and be able to borrow expertise and knowledge – hopefully collaborating on projects in the future. This kind of relationship is critical for the arts sector, which must grow outside of itself to have real impact in the daily lives of the people of this country”.

We are delighted to be the beneficiary of this very generous donation, especially in light of the damage inflicted on the performing arts sector over the last two years,” said Lauren Shand, Chief Operating Officer, Green Light Trust. “Learning to build resilience is one of the life skills that we teach the individuals who attend Green Light Trust courses and is what we all had to learn.  As organisations, in both the arts world and as a charity, we switched to virtual worlds and a new way of working during lockdowns.  We are looking forward to building an ongoing and fruitful relationship with High Tide as their goals and purpose are so aligned with those of Green Light Trust as we work towards tackling the crisis in mental health & wellbeing,” continued Shand.

You can find out more about the Green Light Trust’s work here.