Festival Archive


Kabul Goes Pop: Music Television Afghanistan by Waleed Akhtar (Brixton House and regional tour)

A Brixton House production, presented with HighTide in association with the Mercury Theatre Colchester.

Director, Anna Himali Howard.


When The Long Trick’s Over by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm (New Wolsey Theatre & regional tour)

A co-production with the New Wolsey Theatre.

Director, Chinonyerem Odimba.


The Trick by Eve Leigh (Bush Theatre & National tour)

A co-production with Loose Tongue in association with Bush Theatre.

Director, Roy Alexander Weise.

Rust by Kenny Emson (Bush Theatre, Assembly Roxy, HighTide Festival)

A co-production with Bush Theatre.

Director, Eleanor Rhode.

LIT by Sophie Ellerby (HighTide Festival, Omnibus Clapham, Nottingham Playhouse)

A co-production with Nottingham Playhouse.

Director, Stef O’Driscoll.

Disruption: Future of New Theatre 

Collapsible by Margaret Perry

Ellie Keel and HighTide co-production. Director, Thomas Martin

Pops by Charlotte Josephine

Jake Orr and HighTide co-production. Director, Ali Pidsley

Pink Lemonade by Mika Johnson

Queer House and HighTide co-production. Director, Emily Aboud

Since U Been Gone by Teddy Lamb

Queer House and HighTide co-production. Director, Billy Barrett.


Songlines by Tallulah Brown (HighTide Festivals and touring)

A co-production with DugOut Theatre.

Director, George Chilcott.

★★★★ The Times, The Stage, The Scotsman

HighTide Associate Companies:

Busking It, Sparks, The Extinction Event, Thor and Loki 


Kanye the First by Sam Steiner (HighTide Festivals 2017 and touring)

A co-production with Paul Jellis in association with Marlowe Theatre and North Wall.
Director, Andrew Twyman.

Heroine by Nessah Muthy (HighTide Festivals, Theatr Clwyd, Sherman Theatre)

A co-production with Theatr Clwyd.
Director, Steven Atkinson.

Girls by Theresa Ikoko (HighTide Festivals and touring)

A co-production with Talawa Theatre and Martha Rose Wilson.
Director, Elayce Ismail.


The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie - ©Nobby Clark

The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie by Anders Lustgarten (Arcola Theatre, HighTide Festival 2016)
A co-production with Arcola Theatre.
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ The Guardian, The Reviews Hub

InFidelity16 - eoincarey_0092

In Fidelity by Rob Drummond (Traverse Theatre, HighTide Festival 2016)

In association with Traverse Theatre

Director, Steven Atkinson

★★★★ WhatsonStage, The Stage, The Scotsman


Girls by Theresa Ikoko (HighTide Festival 2016, Birmingham Rep, Soho Theatre)

A co-production with Talawa and Soho Theatre

Director, Elayce Ismail

★★★★ The Times, Time Out

Hightide Festival Aldeburgh Sept 2016 Pilgrims by Elinor Cook Directed by Tamara Harvey Designer James Perkins Lighting Nic Holdridge Amanda Wilkin as Rachel Jack Monaghan as Dan Seffan Donnelly as Will ©NOBBY CLARK +44(0)7941-515770 +44(0)20-7274-2105 nobby@nobbyclark.co.uk

Pilgrims by Elinor Cook (HighTide Festival 2016, The Yard Theatre, Theatr Clywd)

A co-production with Theatr Clwyd and Vicky Graham Productions

Director, Tamara Harvey

★★★★ WhatsonStage, Evening Standard


Forget Me Not by Tom Holloway (Bush Theatre)
Director, Steven Atkinson. A co-production with Bush Theatre.
★★★★ Evening Standard, Arts Desk

Harrogate by Al Smith (HighTide Festival)
Director, Richard Twyman
★★★★ The Guardian, The Telegraph, Whatsonstage, The Stage, The Public Reviews, The Financial Times

BRENDA by E V Crowe (The Yard Theatre, HighTide Festival)
A co-production with Daniel Brodie Productions.
Director, Caitlin McLeod.
★★★★ The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Stage

©NOBBY CLARK+44(0)7941-515770+44(0)20-7274-2105nobby@nobbyclark.co.ukSo Here We Are by Luke Norris (Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, HighTide Festival)
A co-production Royal Exchange Theatre.
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Stage, The Public Reviews

Lampedusa by Anders Lustgarten (Soho Theatre, HighTide Festival)
A co-production with Soho Theatre in association with Unity Theatre Liverpool
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ The Guardian, The Times, Financial Times, The Independent, The Stage

peddling by Harry Melling (Arcola Theatre)
Director, Steven Atkinson
★★★★ Evening Standard (Critic’s Choice), The Times, Financial Times

True Brits by Vinay Patel (VAULT Festival 2015)
A co-production with Rich Mason Productions.
Director, Tanith Lindon.


Game Over by Vickie Donoghue (The Cut, Halesworth, The Garage, Norwich).
Director, Justin Audibert.

True Brits by Vinay Patel (Assembly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Bush Theatre).
A co-production with Rich Mason Productions
Director, Tanith Lindon.
★★★★ The Scotsman, The Skinny.

Bottleneck by Luke Barnes (Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe).
Director, Steven Atkinson.

The Girl’s Guide to Saving the World by Elinor Cook (HighTide Festival).
Director, Amelia Sears
★★★★ The Guardian, The Times (Critic’s Choice).

Incognito by Nick Payne - Credit Bill KnightIncognito by Nick Payne (HighTide Festival, Live Theatre, North Wall, Bush Theatre).
A co-production with nabokov and Live Theatre.
Director, Joe Murphy
★★★★★ The Financial Times.
★★★★ The Guardian, The Telegraph, Whatsonstage, The Times (Critics’ Choice), The Observer, Time Out, Evening Standard (Critics’ Choice), The Independent, The Sunday Times (Critics’ Choice), Mail on Sunday.

peddling by Harry Melling (HighTide Festival, 59E59 Theaters, New York City).
Director, Steven Atkinson
★★★★★ The New York Times, Exuent, the Public Reviews.
★★★★ The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian.

Pussy Riot: Writings and Letters by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (Southbank Centre).
Director, Steven Atkinson.

Dancing on the tabe_TBMThe Big Meal by Dan LeFranc (Ustinov Studio, Theatre Royal Bath, HighTide Festival).
A co-production with Bath Theatre Royal.
Director, Michael Boyd.
★★★★ The Times, The Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Financial Times.

Smallholding by Chris Dunkley (Soho Theatre).
A co-production with Nuffield Theatre
Director, Patrick Sandford.
★★★★ Whatsonstage.


Pussy Riot: Hunger Strike, an open letter by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (Bush Theatre).
A co-production with the Bush Theatre.
Director, Steven Atkinson.

Alexander Masters’ Stuart: A Life Backwards by Jack Thorne (Edinburgh Festival, Watford Palace Theatre, Sheffield Theatres).
A co-production with Sheffield Theatres, in association with Watford Palace Theatre, Underbelly and Dumbfounded.
Director, Mark Rosenblatt.
★★★★★ The Big Issue, The Skinny, Three Weeks.
★★★★ The Guardian, Financial Times, The Independent, Evening Standard, Fest, The List, The Scotsman, The Times.

The Reprobates by Phil Porter (The Garage, Norwich).
A co-production with The Garage.
Director, Joe Douglas.

WJK_9305Neighbors by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (HighTide Festival, Nuffield Theatre).
A co-production with Nuffield Theatre.
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★★ Whatsonstage.
★★★★ The Times.

Moth by Declan Greene (HighTide Festival, Bush Theatre).
Director, Prasanna Puwanarajah.
★★★★ Whatsonstage, Telegraph.

Smallholding by Chris Dunkley (HighTide Festival, Nuffield Theatre).
A co-production with Nuffield Theatre.
Director, Patrick Sandford.
★★★★ Whatsonstage.

Pastoral by Thomas Eccleshare (HighTide Festival, Soho Theatre).
A co-production with Soho Theatre.
Director, Steve Marmion.
★★★★ Independent, Times, Whatsonstage, Guardian, Telegraph, Metro.

Bottleneck by Luke Barnes (Soho Theatre, UK tour).
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ Financial Times, Evening Standard, Time Out, Telegraph.


Mudlarks by Vickie Donoghue (HighTide Festival, Theatre503, Bush Theatre).
Director, Will Wrightson.
★★★★★ Whatsonstage.
★★★★ The Times, Telegraph.

Bottleneck by Luke Barnes (Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival, Soho Theatre).
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ The Telegraph, The Independent, The Scotsman, The List, Whatsonstage, Metro.

Educating Ronnie by Joe Douglas (Assembly George Square, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, HighTide Festival).
A co-production with macrobert and Utter.
Director, Gareth Nicholls.
Awards: Fringe First 2012, runner-up Fringe Award for Scottish Drama 2012.
★★★★ The Scotsman, Whatsonstage, The List, The Independent.

Endless PoemEndless Poem by Ramon Mello (Rio Occupation London Festival).
A co-production with BAC and People’s Palace Projects. Part of the Cultural Olympiad.
Director, Rob Drummer.

Eisteddfod by Luke Barnes (Latitude Festival, HighTide Festival).
Director, Rob Drummer.
★★★★ Whatsonstage.

Boys by Ella Hickson (HighTide Festival, Nuffield Theatre, Soho Theatre).
A co-production with Headlong and Nuffield Theatre.
Director, Robert Icke.
★★★★ Financial Times, Sunday Times, Independent, Time Out, Whatsonstage.

Clockwork by Laura Poliakoff (HighTide Festival).
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ The Times.

Organs of Little Apparent Importance by Jon Mcleod and pupils from Halesworth Middle School (HighTide Festival).
Director, Jon Mcleod.

Perish by Stella Fawn Ragsdale (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with the Public Theater Emerging Writers Group.
Director, Rob Drummer.

Neighbors by Branden Jacob-Jenkins (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with the Public Theater Emerging Writers Group.
Director, Melanie Spencer.

The Hour of Feeling by Mona Mansour (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with the Public Theater Emerging Writers Group.
Director, Richard Fitch.

Bethany by Laura Marks (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with the Public Theater Emerging Writers Group.
Director, Steven Atkinson.

The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs created and performed by Mike Daisey (HighTide Festival).
Director, Jean-Michele Gregory.
★★★★ The Times.

A piece of theatre unlike any other I’ve experienced.
Financial Times.

Brunch Plays by various (HighTide Festival).
Directors, Melanie Spencer and Richard Fitch.
★★★★ The Telegraph.

Binary by Alexandra Wood and Ian McHugh (HighTide Festival)
A co-production with curious directive.
Director, Jack Lowe.

The Best Years of Your Life by various (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with nabokov.
Director, Joe Murphy.

The Adventure by Oliver Birch (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with Bad Physics.
Director, Dan Bird.

Seizing Cinderella by Stephanie Street (HighTide Festival).
Director, Bruce Guthrie.


Incoming by Andrew Motion (HighTide Festival, Latitude Festival, Aldeburgh Poetry Festival, House of Commons).
A co-production with The Poetry Trust.
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ Whatsonstage.

Midnight Your Time by Adam Brace (HighTide Festival, Assembly George Square, Edinburgh Festival 2011).
Director, Michael Longhurst.
★★★★ The Scotsman, The Herald, Whatsonstage, Metro.

Dusk Rings a Bell by Stephen Belber (HighTide Festival, Assembly George Square, Watford Palace Theatre).
A co-production with Watford Palace Theatre.
Director, Steven Atkinson.
★★★★ Herald, Whatsonstage.

6476238957_195eb8960f_oNicked book and lyrics by Richard Marsh, music by Natalia Sheppard (HighTide Festival).
Director, Pia Furtado.
★★★★★ Whatsonstage.

Lidless by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig (HighTide Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Trafalgar Studios).
Director, Steven Atkinson.
Awards: Fringe First 2010, IdeasTap Edinburgh Award, Yale Playwriting Award.
Nominations: Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, Meyer Whitworth Award, Best Actress – The Stage Awards.
★★★★★ Scotsman.
★★★★ Telegraph, Herald, Financial Times, Whatsonstage, The Independent.


The Theatre EP by Dominic Mitchell (Latitude Festival).
Director, Natalie Ibu.

Ditch by Beth Steel (HighTide Festival, Old Vic Tunnels).
A co-production with the Old Vic Theatre.
Director, Richard Twyman.
Nominations: 2010 John Whiting Award.
★★★★ The Independent

Moscow Live by Serge Cartwright (HighTide Festival).
Director, Jonathan Humphreys.
Nominations: 2010 John Whiting Award.

Famine Diary by Jesse Weaver (HighTide Festival).
Director, Joe Murphy.



Fixer by Lydia Adetunji (HighTide Festival, Australian National Play Festival).
Director, Nathan Curry.
Nominations: 2010 Meyer Whitworth Award.

Guardians by Lucy Caldwell (HighTide Festival).
Director, Natalie Abrahami.
★★★★ The Guardian.

Muhmah by Jesse Weaver (HighTide Festival).
Director, Steven Atkinson.

Berlin / Wall written and performed by David Hare (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with Aldeburgh Music.
Director, Stephen Daldry.
★★★★ The Guardian, Whatsonstage, Evening Standard

One Evening – Schubert’s Winterreise translated by Michael Symmons Roberts, and Samuel Beckett (HighTide Festival).
A co-production with Aldeburgh Music.
Director, Katie Mitchell.
★★★★ The Telegraph.

Numbingly beautiful…
The New Yorker.

3950912380_8030037e4d_oStovepipe by Adam Brace (HighTide Festival, West 12 shopping centre, Australian National Play Festival).
A co-production with the National Theatre and Bush Theatre.
Director, Michael Longhurst.
Awards: The Sunday Times 10 Best Theatre Productions of the Decade.
Nominations: Best Off-West End Production Whatsonstage.
★★★★★ Sunday Times, Independent on Sunday, Time Out.
★★★★ Telegraph, Independent, Evening Standard.

Could almost be a sequel to Black Watch.
Time Out.


I Caught Crabs in Walberswick by Joel Horwood (HighTide Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Bush Theatre).
A co-production with Eastern Angles.
Director, Lucy Kerbal.
★★★★ Evening Standard, The Scotsman, The List, Fest, British Theatre Guide.

Certain Dark Things by Emily Watson Howes (HighTide, Edinburgh Festival).
A co-production with You Need Me.
Director; Emily Watson Howes.
Awards: nominated for the 2008 Total Theatre Award.
★★★★ Whatsonstage, Fest Mag.

The Pitch by Nick Payne (Latitude Festival).
Director, Steven Atkinson.

Switzerland by Nick Payne (HighTide Festival).
Director, Kate Wasserberg.