Audience On Stage / Lullaby

31st August 2021
Creative Writing in the Community
Inventing the Future 2021

10.30 Sunday 24th Oct

Venue: New Wolsey Auditorium

Ticket price: FREE

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Duration: 1 hour

We invite you to a morning of workshops, discussions and projects made with and for you and your local community. Through these projects, we want to enable our communities to respond to the ideas raised in our shows and to tell their own stories in response.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been producing work in person, online and within the community, but Inventing the Future is a chance to welcome the community in person. This day marks a significant return to the live work that’s so important to us, a collection of stories that reflect the community in the East of England and will help audiences understand the world around them.

Leading the day will be a sound installation piece Lullaby created by Ipswich-based writers and developed with the New Wolsey. Alongside this, there will be a chance to work and chat with industry-leading creatives, about the work that matters and to discuss the stories you would like to see onstage. There will be a series of workshops, discussions as well as plenty of food, music and creative spaces for drawing, writing and listening.